Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction, or HFpEF, is characterized by a stiff heart that doesn’t fill with blood or pump properly. Obesity is one major risk factor in HFpEF. Individuals with HFpEF and obesity are at greater risk for adverse outcomes than patients with either condition alone. Bimagrumab’s inhibitory effect on activin signaling targets heart muscle cells, improving their ability to relax and decreasing stiffness. By reducing obesity, bimagrumab is a promising candidate for treating individuals with both HFpEF and obesity.

US HFpEF in Obesity Prevalence

Approximately 2.4M adults with HFpEF also have overweight or obesity.

Unmet need in HFpEF

  • There is currently no approved targeted therapy for HFpEF, and it continues to carry a poor five-year prognosis compared to HFrEF.
  • Structural and hemodynamic disturbances in HFpEF may be related to metabolic abnormalities caused by central adiposity.